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Information concerning Mercedes-Benz used cars.

Young Stars guarantee.

The best used cars from Mercedes-Benz!Young Stars guarantee. Only vehicles which pass our strict Young Stars used vehicle check receive our Young Stars seal of quality. See the qualities of our certified newer used vehicles for yourself.

  • 24-month vehicle warranty (Europe)
  • 12-month mobility guarantee (Europe)
  • HU test badge under 3 months
  • maintenance-free for 6 months (up to 7500 km)
  • mileage guarantee
  • 10 days’ right to exchange
Applicable to vehicle dealers: delivery is effected excluding any liability for material defects, without guarantee and subject to change.
Tyres and wheels.

Our vehicles are always offered with summer tyres. If the vehicle is to be fitted with a full set of winter tyres this must be explicitly stated in the vehicle quote. No additional set of tyres is included in the vehicle price quoted.

Condition of vehicle and prior damage.

Our vehicles undergo extensive preparation for you. The vehicle is as shown in the photos. If any damage has occurred to the vehicle in the past this will be stated in the vehicle quote. You can obtain detailed information about previously incurred damage from your sales consultant.

Vehicle offer price.

We always offer our vehicles at attractive fixed prices. All offers are regularly matched to current market prices in Germany. New vehicle quotes are only made at the stated offer price, no discounts are possible. This also applies to purchase enquiries from dealers.

We do provide special offers for some vehicles, e.g. trade-in bonus and attractive finance and leasing options. Our offers are directed only at prospective customers resident in Germany.


We are not able to buy foreign vehicles. We are happy to take any vehicles in part-payment regardless of make, whether old or new, if they are already registered in Germany. The vehicle must have been registered in your name for at least 6 months and possess a valid HU/AU test certificate and be in a roadworthy condition. Vehicles with damage to the engine or suspension cannot be taken in part-payment.

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Further information for you.

We accept cash sums up to 9000 euros per purchase contract. For any vehicle quoted over 9000 euros, payment must be made by bank transfer. To ensure prompt delivery you are advised to transfer the purchase sum three days before the vehicle collection date.
A net purchase option is offered to commercial customers. A deposit of 19.00% must be made up to the time delivery of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is verified. Net purchase is not possible for private customers from the European Union! Detailed information is available from your sales consultant.
Vehicle registration and handover
You will receive all the documents for registering your new Mercedes-Benz from us, including the COC document.
You are responsible for arrangements and payments covering delivery of the vehicle, temporary number plates or export plates, and registration of the vehicle in the country of export.
Short-term temporary number plates will be issued solely for use during transfer of the vehicle within Germany. The period of allocation is 5 days maximum. If you are intending to take your vehicle to be kept in a foreign country you will need export number plates. The period of allocation is 2 weeks maximum. Please note that if you do not have a place of residence or permanent address in Germany you will need to provide details (name and address) of a person authorised to receive the vehicle in the export country. Detailed information is available from your sales consultant.
Collection of vehicle
The vehicle may be collected from us by another person acting on your behalf if you have previously provided us with the relevant authorisation.