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Mercedes-Benz new cars.

You are looking for information concerning a vehicle purchase, finalcial services or vehicle maintenance services? Here you find our a summary of the most important topics to answer your questions.

Information concerning Mercedes-Benz new cars.


We are not able to buy foreign vehicles. We are happy to take any vehicles in part-payment regardless of make, whether old or new, if they are already registered in Germany. The vehicle must have been registered in your name for at least 6 months and possess a valid HU/AU test certificate and be in a roadworthy condition. Vehicles with damage to the engine or suspension cannot be taken in part-payment.

You can arrange a free valuation at: +49 30 3901 2000. Alternatively, just fill in the remote valuation form.  

Want to sell your car through us? We will be pleased to take your vehicle, even if you are not planning to buy one from us. The conditions stated above also apply here.

Model overview

If you are interested in purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz, you might want to get an overview over our product range. All the details such as price lists are now available in digital versions (German only).


Configuration of our vehicles is only possible in German at our webiste. Please visit us for advice and to configure the vehicle you want in English.
Call +4930 3901 2000 to make an appointment.

New car exports outside the European Union.
Delivery ex works without prior registration in Germany!

It is not legally possible to export new vehicles outside the European Union. Please contact your Mercedes-Benz sales point outside the European Union. Mercedes-Benz International:


New cars can be exported from Germany to the following countries:

CyprusCzech RepublicDenmarkEstonia
United Kingdom (up to 29 March 2019)Principality of LiechtensteinIcelandNorway

Please note specific import conditions relevant to the country of import.

Exporting demonstration cars outside the European Union.

Test-drive vehicles (up to 9000 km with prior registration in Germany! It is possible to export demonstration vehicles outside the European Union if the following conditions are met:

  • the demonstration car model has already been available to order in Germany for 24 months
  • the selected demonstration car has already driven 8000 km or is older than 15 months from first registration

You can find out from your sales consultant if it is possible to export demonstration vehicles to your country from Germany. The following countries are excluded: Egypt, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Belarus and others.

Further information for you.

We accept cash sums up to 9000 euros per purchase contract. For any vehicle quoted over 9000 euros, payment must be made by bank transfer. To ensure prompt delivery you are advised to transfer the purchase sum three days before the vehicle collection date.
A net purchase option is offered to commercial customers. A deposit of 19.00% must be made up to the time delivery of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is verified. Net purchase is not possible for private customers from the European Union! Detailed information is available from your sales consultant.
Vehicle registration and handover
You will receive all the documents for registering your new Mercedes-Benz from us, including the COC document.
You are responsible for arrangements and payments covering delivery of the vehicle, temporary number plates or export plates, and registration of the vehicle in the country of export.
Short-term temporary number plates will be issued solely for use during transfer of the vehicle within Germany. The period of allocation is 5 days maximum. If you are intending to take your vehicle to be kept in a foreign country you will need export number plates. The period of allocation is 2 weeks maximum. Please note that if you do not have a place of residence or permanent address in Germany you will need to provide details (name and address) of a person authorised to receive the vehicle in the export country. Detailed information is available from your sales consultant.
Collection of vehicle
The vehicle may be collected from us by another person acting on your behalf if you have previously provided us with the relevant authorisation.


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